The Rivers That Run Through Us

Title: : The Rivers That Run Through Us
Author:: Phillip Michael Shirley
Genre: : Psychological fiction
Format:: 151 pages, Paperback
ISBN:: 9781739394967
Published:: October 2023
Language:: English
Price:: £12.50

The Rivers That Run Through Us is a sometimes funny, often surreal and mostly shockingly crude and violent story of what could have been, and what may yet be, if only we are brave or foolish enough to stray from familiar paths.

After a desperate escape from an evil monster leaves a woman drowned in a river, her two young sons search for redemption and their estranged older brothers in and around the disappearing world of East London’s Isle of Dogs in a twisting adventure beyond dreams and reality. Henry, Jack, Paul, Ray and John Killerman lead messed up lives, each one dealing with the struggle of his own; all lost in a labyrinth of troubling preoccupations. The madness progresses to another level when their paths cross with the wildly enigmatic Sunny, unleashing a chain of events that defy belief.

PHILLIP MICHAEL SHIRLEY is the author of The Soul of Boxing (longlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year), Blood & Thunder: The Unofficial Biography of Jonah Lomu, and the universally praised Where is the Winning Post?: The biography of Mikie Heaton-Ellis, which was published in 1998. He lives in London.