A Slipstream Short Story Magazine

The Reach is a magazine of slipstream short fiction. We publish short stories with an element of the fantastic or surreal, explore concepts that are visionary, unreliable, odd or metaphysical, and which cross the boundaries between science-fiction, horror and literary fiction – in short, the fiction of strangeness.

What we’re looking for.

We prefer darker pieces, especially those with an element of the surreal or speculative, but are open to anything and like to be surprised. If you have any doubts about whether something is suitable, go ahead and send it anyway.


We ask for non-exclusive, one-time, worldwide rights to publish your work in print, and then archive it indefinitely.

How to submit

Word Document. 1.5 spacing.

Include a third-person bio (up to 100 words) and word count on the same document.

Up to 5,000 words.

One submission at a time, please.

The next issue will be Autumn 2023.  Closing date for submissions; August 31st 2023.

Send work to submissions@foreshorepublishing.com

Include the word “The Reach” in the subject line.