About us

Foreshore Publishing is located on the Isle of Dogs, East London and is known as “The Home of Quality Short Fiction.”

As the UK’s only dedicated publisher of short fiction by new and emerging authors, we are unique in the world of publishing: we’re neither traditional publishing, nor are we self-publishing.

We are a mission-driven, ethical, and hardworking independent publisher offering authors of short fiction a much-needed alternative: the best of both worlds; all the expertise and support of traditional publishing, and all the freedom and opportunity of self-publishing.

We pride ourselves on publishing big stories in small packages. We typically publish short novels; typically, between 10,000 and 60,000 words. We cover all fiction genres, from crime and thrillers to romance and science fiction. We also publish full fiction under our imprint RiverRun.

We are focused on developing the careers of new and emerging authors:  those writers whose fiction has not appeared in paperback or hardback.

We believe that there are brilliant authors out there who may not yet be known or commercially viable and see it as our job to bring new short fiction writing out from the ether and present it to readers in the most beautiful way possible.

So many talented writers work hard to complete a manuscript only to be rejected by traditional publishers or see their book lost in the sea of self-publishing; a pebble in the ocean that is Amazon.

Many publishing services will take your money, but don’t care about whether your book is successful.

Our mission is to publish quality paperback books and get them into bookstores and libraries across the UK. 

We achieve this through providing services as good as the best traditional publishers and also through long-term commitment to authors and a focus on building author fanbases, either locally or nationally, ensuring your book has the professionalism and demand to thrive.

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Heritage & Culture

We are based at The Forge, a Victorian ironworks, and a burgeoning centre for artists, designers and writers.

Fantastic Stories

We are passionate about short fiction that breaks a mould; that surprises. We want to open and excite your mind.

Pure Innovation

We believe that publishing is a dynamic process through which ideas reach people and change happens.

value & trust

We believe publishing can and should help provide a better deal for writers and a better experience for readers.

Are you an aspiring writer of short fiction?

We welcome submissions from  new and emerging authors. If you are ready to publish, please read our submission guidelines.