We are unique in the world of publishing, not only because of our mission to publish new and emerging authors of short fiction, but also because of our manuscript vetting and traditional distribution into actual bookstores.

This is the key difference between Foreshore and other hybrid, self-publishing, and vanity presses. We also meet the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) criteria for an approved hybrid publisher:

  • A defined mission and vision (we are the only dedicated publisher of short fiction by new and emerging authors).
  • Vetted submissions (we do not accept every book that comes our way – our acceptance rate is less than 10%).
  • Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs
  • Publish to industry standards; ensure editorial, design, and production quality.
  • Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty. Because the author has made the initial investment, IBBA says the royalty should be 50% or higher (we offer a 60% royalty).
  • Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights.
  • Give authors complete ownership of their copyright and work.
  • Provide distribution services (we have sales staff that actively market your book to retailers and distribute to wholesalers.

In short, the big difference between Foreshore and other hybrid and self-publishers is that we are much more of a partner with the author and expect to make money off the sale of books, not just off the author’s fees.

Independent publishers versus vanity publishers.

Independent publishers may sound like vanity publishers, but there are several key distinctions. One distinction lies in when the publisher earns revenue. Vanity publishers require authors to pay before helping with publication and marketing, whereas independent publishers share the book’s royalties after publication.

At Foreshore we go further. A typical royalty, on a paperback edition, is 7.5% of the recommended retail price (RRP). We offer our authors 60% on a paperback edition published under an independent contract.

Independent publishers create more of a partnership with authors and develop a marketing and publishing strategy to ensure these authors succeed. Vanity publishers rarely help with marketing and distribution. This responsibility often falls on the authors.

The hardest part of being self-published is distribution and marketing, and as an indie author, getting your book into an actual bookstore is often impossible. We fully support self-publishers. But, if you publish your book yourself, your reach will most likely be much shorter.

At Foreshore we provide full editorial, design, and marketing support: we will work hard to promote and sell your book for a minimum of two years from the date of publication.

Another distinction is the role of the publishing company. Vanity publishers act as a go-between for the authors to help them find reputable editors and cover artists. At Foreshore, we do most things in-house, including editing, formatting, design, and we use UK printers.

  • We don’t fast track – your book is published in 8-12 weeks, because it takes time to create a beautiful product that sells.
  • We distribute quality trade paperback to Gardners Books, the UK’s largest book wholesaler; national booksellers such as Foyles, Waterstones and WH Smith; and more than 500 independent booksellers in England, Scotland, and Wales. We also hold stock for direct mail order.

Independently Traditional.

The cost of professionally publishing a book with Foreshore is the same as most traditional publishers; in the region of £12,000 for a quality product, including editing, formatting, typesetting, cover design, ISBN, printing, distribution, marketing etc.

Our books rival their traditional counterparts in editorial quality and design aesthetic.

If you publish with us on an independent contract, we pay 80% of these costs, and offer a 60% royalty.*

Our purpose in life is to get quality short fiction by talented new and emerging authors publish and sold.

Our mission is to get actual books into bookstores and other relevant retail outlets into the hands of readers.

You could attempt this on your own or choose a cheaper self-publishing route. Our advice, however, is to trust in your own decision and in a company who are taking a risk on you, in the belief that the outcome will be wonderful, for you and the reader.

Our promise is to work hard for authors, and we pride ourselves on quality, trust and value.  Our Publishing Offer is also backed by our PUBLISHING PROMISE –  a full refund if we do not get your book into either bookstores, libraries, or other trade outlets within 12 months of publication.



 This is the only service we offer and it’s all-inclusive at £2,250 *

It includes:

  • High-end custom cover design.
  • Custom interior design.
  • Editing and proofreading of your final manuscript
  • ISBN Assignment: We assign every book we publish with an ISBN so you can rest assured your book can be found by people all around the world.
  • Nielsen Database: We list all our books on the Nielsen Book Database along with basic bibliographic information. Booksellers and librarians use the database to search and purchase books.
  • Nielsen Book2Look: This enables us to create mini websites for our titles with ‘Look Inside’ capabilities and personalised shopping options.
  • E-book Publishing: Once your book is printed, we can format it as an e-book to help you reach even more readers. Currently, our E-book Publishing is compatible with the following devices*: Amazon Kindle, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble eReader, Nook, Google Play Books, Kobo Books, and iBooks Store.
  • Trade Paperback Printing: All our black-and-white softcover books are formatted and printed as trade paperbacks (typically perfectly bound A or B-Format size paperback on high-quality, 80gsm acid-free, book-grade opaque paper The cover is printed on 280gsm 1 sided cover board in full colour).
  • Traditional distribution to booksellers; warehousing of short-run printed paperback books; and fulfilment of all orders on short-run printed books.
  • Ongoing support of your title for the lifespan of your book, including high-level support for getting your books into bookstores, libraries, and other trade outlets

*Payable in three equal instalments of £750 – in advance of the work (on signing the contract); on completion of the work prior to printing (typically 6-8 weeks); on publication prior to distribution (typically 8-12 weeks). We also offer flexible payment terms over a longer period of time, subject to circumstances. Get in touch to find out more.