Under The Mountain

Title: Under The Mountain
Author: Robert Starling
Genre: Science Fiction
Format: 296 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-7395930-6-3
Published:  November, 2022
Language: English
Price: £9.50


After an underground tunnel containing strange technology is accidentally discovered in Phoenix Arizona, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to expose the government cover up of alien existence.


It’s 1952 in Phoenix Arizona and hapless career criminal Marco Delucci is fleeing the scene of a botched robbery with the police in hot pursuit during the worst electrical storm in twenty years. Just when things couldn’t get much worse for Marco, he is thrown from his car while attempting to evade capture on a mountain road and finds himself miraculously in one piece and in some kind of underground tunnel containing what appears to be alien technology. Sensing an opportunity, rather than a setback, Marco shares the discovery with two friends – Arnold, a disgraced scientist who used to work at Area 51, and ex-con Syl. Together the unlikely heroes plunge headlong into a game of cat-and-mouse with the FBI and military as they try to expose the government cover up of alien existence… and make a heap of money into the bargain.


Under The Mountain is a marvellous romp through a past America so bizarre, so outrageous… you’ll be hooked immediately.


ROBERT STARLING is a child of the fifties born and raised in Bristol, England. He is an accomplished guitarist and songwriter and the founder member of New Wave of British Heavy Metal band Stormtrooper. He played and programmed most of the instruments on Eye Of The Storm, the latest album by classic rock outfit Stormhunters. Under The Mountain is his first novel.

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