The Liberation Of Juno Jones

Title:: The Liberation Of Juno Jones
Author:: Mark Woodward
Genre: : Crime/Mystery
Format:: 292 pages, Paperback
ISBN: : 9781739394981
Published:: October 2023
Language:: English
Price:: £9.50

When you move to the city, strange things can happen. At least, they happen to Juno Jones. After leaving a small town to take a job as a trainee reporter, she hears of a curious incident involving a young man in a frilly pink shirt, a razorblade and a heap of dead mice. Compelled by reasons of her own she sets out to investigate, assisted by her housemate Glynis. The think they’re going to have fun. But as the young man’s story unfolds, the darkness edges closer.

About the Author: After brief spells in the travel trade and printing industry, and as a mental health worker and care assistant, Mark Woodward has spent most of his working life as an adult learning tutor and manager. Originally from London, he is now re-tired and living in Cheshire. The Liberation of Juno Jones is his debut novel, and the first of a planned trilogy.