Snake Town

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Title: Snake Town

Author: Toby Wilsher

Genre: Dark Comedy

Format: 161 pages, Paperback

Published: July 2022 by Foreshore Publishing, London

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-9168790-5-8

A mother and daughter’s devious plan to fleece their unsuspecting tenants unravels with deadly consequences.

Ludmilla Shatalova, a Ukrainian émigré and her 21yr old daughter, Rosie’s devious plan to fleece their unsuspecting tenants – a secretive accountant and an affable night watchman – appears to be foolproof. By making sure the two men never meet and skilfully swopping their possessions twice a day, they can rent them the same flat and take a double rent.  But each man has a secret. And events at the basement flat in the run-down seaside resort begin to unravel in spectacular fashion.

Bognor Dogs is playwright Toby Wilsher’s brilliant, fantastical debut novel. Packed with wit, invention and the unlikely combination of a deadly snake, stray dog, two million in cash, a psychopathic drug dealer, and one very lucky postman.

About the Author: Toby Wilsher lives in West Sussex on the south coast of England, where his debut novel Snake Town is set. After working as a cleaner in a psychiatric hospital, and manning the tills at a record shop, he embarked on a Performing Arts Degree at Middlesex Polytechnic before founding the Trestle Theatre Company in 1981. Over the next twenty-three years, he was an actor, writer, maker, designer and director for Trestle, seeing his work performed in 31 countries. Since 2004 he has worked as a freelance director, writer and corporate trainer.

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