Star Skimmer: Jason Randall Spriggs



The space adventure begins, but not as you’d expect. It begins with a wish. A wish that came true. A spaceship called Star Skimmer, built from thousands of specialised interlocking bricks, becomes real and launches its creator Xander into deep space and stranded 420 million lightyears from home. He’ll do anything to get back, even help the weird and wonderful Myra Vanteel find her missing parents, lost and possibly held captive in a forbidden place called Rim. In return, she will help Xander find the missing piece he needs to make the journey back to Earth.

The book will be published in the spring of 2023 by RiverRun, an imprint of Foreshore Publishing.

Jason Randall Spriggs was born in the Midwest. He began writing in 1994 and has contributed to several academic publications. He lives in Collinsville Illinois, home to the giant ketchup bottle. Working with kids and exploring themes in imagination, Jason has participated in a program called Cartoons for Kids. He has also been published as an illustrator for a children’s book called Tony Tales.

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