(One) Who Is Not: András Forgách


“(One) Who Is Not” is a collection of short stories based on the teachings of the often unruly and unpredictable Zen Master Chan Chu and the life situations that illustrate his teachings – sketches and anecdotes played out in unexpected situations and unlikely places including Tel Aviv, Warsaw, and Ádám Clark Square in Buda; the Polish movie director caught in an elevator, a meeting with a famous European writer, a dangerous robber and killer hidden from police in a monastery. Truth or fiction? Zen wisdom or Zen nonsense? You decide.

The book will be published in the summer of 2023 by RiverRun, an imprint of Foreshore Publishing.

András Forgách was born in Budapest on 18 July 1952. He has published four novels, two books of short prose and two books of essays including Aki Nincs ((The One) Who Is Not), in 1999, followed by Zehuze in 2007 and the international bestseller Acts Of My Mother/No Live Files Remain, in 2017. He is also a playwright and screenwriter and has also had considerable success as a translator from English including Shakespeare’s King Lear, Marlowe’s Edward II, and several plays by Joe Orton.

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